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We dream of a world where there is no more harm done to the earth, no pollution in the air, no defilement of the oceans, no harm to living beings. Where everyone is free to live wherever they want, and to live fully self sufficient. Where everyone helps each other and cares for each other.

That’s why we developed, more than one house, an entire ecosystem. It protects, feeds and provides you with what nature offers us. Let’s save the climate of our Earth together. Living in line with Mother Nature and being pure with yourself. Because that’s the meaning of happiness.


The design of a can be modern or classical. There are no limitations when it comes to personal style. The ground plan is always according to the golden ratio and the FengShui principles.

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Imagine a Smart Home in harmony with nature. The best of technological advancement while respecting nature fully. Everything made useful and using common sense without overextending the resident.

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Residential Rights

A mix of leasing, sharing, stock and freedom.


All our materials are of a natural and sustainable origin. This is most important to us. This also enhances the good quality of the rooms climate. You breathe clean fresh air with a good conscience. You only use clean energy from the sun. Zero Co2 emissions. While living in harmony with nature.

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