RoomCoins are probably the most sustainable concept of a It is not tied to a specific location like building or buying a house and it costs less than renting in the long run. It is the best of all 3 possibilities (build + buy + rent) RoonCoins are exchanged from a package of 21 normal currencies and work like a “shared property” around the world to move or stay at any time, and always keep their currency value. In this way, the values ​​can later be exchanged, inherited or sold. Probably the strongest worldwide security that cannot be manipulated by anyone and is covered by real estate. Anyone who has exchanged enough RoomCoins can be carefree at home anywhere in the world and receive income from it if they are not using them themselves.


Example of living with RoomCoins:

Imagine you live in a in Germany and you decide to go to Spain. Then just open the space4U app and see if a unit / house is available at the desired location. If this is the case, the suitcases are simply packed and off to the plane. There is nothing more to do, because everything else such as the car, furniture, kitchen equipment, etc. is already there. You can come and go as you please at any time. An extended vacation or a break in a vacation country such as Mauritius is possible and plannable. In any case, the flight doesn’t cost more if you stay longer, and the house has already been paid for, no matter how long you stay, because it is your house for the time you want. You can only be in one place and only ever need one house to live. A system similar to car-sharing models, just a little more than that.

So that RoomCoins can be built up as an investment investment, capital leases with 3% interest are issued in the starting period. After 1 to 5 years at the latest, the agency has the option to convert these into RoomCoins. Example calculation: Capital transfer € 8,700 with approx. 3% interest will be repaid with the guaranteed amount of € 9,000, unless the transferor demands his conversion right to convert the capital into RoomCoins. If you are interested, please contact us using the contact form.


Flexible, independent and free

Highest stability of value and most rights

Having the right of residence always goes beyond all other rights of use and remains with the resident even when moving to a different home in a different city or country.