Residential Rights

The residential rights are the most sustainable concept of They don’t bind you on a specific place like a purchase and it is cheaper than renting in the long term. It ́s the best of both worlds. You have shared ownership of the houses with the whole world so to speak. And you can move or stay as you like. Without any additional costs. When you have enough residential rights you can live on the whole planet without worries.


Example for living with residential rights:

Imagine you live in a in Germany and decide to go to Spain. Then you just look into the app if a unit is available and you can just go there and stay or go to another place after a while. Just as you wish. You only need to bring your suitcase with you. Because all the things like furniture, car, tools, kitchenware, etc. Is there. It ́s like car-sharing for houses, but more.


In order to build residential rights as an investment facility, loans are granted at 3% interest during the start-up period. After a year, the lender has the option of converting this loan into a residential right. Example calculation. Loan total of 8,700,-€ with approx. 3% interest is paid with the guarantee sum of 9,000,-€ and the loan is requested to convert this loan into a residential right at a guaranteed purchase price of 9,300,-€. This right of residence is also a share in the newly created AG, which still needs to be certified by the German banking supervision BaFin. The only condition is that residential rights are already officially admitted. If you are interested, please contact us via the contact form.


Flexible, independent and free

Highest stability of value and most rights

Having the right of residence always goes beyond all other rights of use and remains with the resident even when moving to a different home in a different city or country.