The design of a can be in a modern or classical style. There are no limitations when it comes to personal style. The ground plan is always according to the golden ratio and the FengShui principles.

The energy is flowing evenly and organic for the benefit of the resident. Everyone feels this kind of energy in his home on a subconscious level. You just feel better. The multi functional furniture gives the illusion of a multiple room house. More than enough space to enjoy your personal freedom. Quality over Quantity. Not too much, not too little.

Every style is possible

Shapes and colors result in what man perceives and has always perceived. Thus, many formal languages have developed in history, which, as in music, follow very clear rules.

Touch and Smell

If beautiful things also feel good and smell pleasant, then perfection is already very close. Especially when it comes to essential things such as clean air, pleasant temperature and good nutrition.