Ambassador Network

Already today, there are international contacts to a large number of people who want to promote the development of philosophies in their respective locations. Mostly connected with concrete projects to bring buildings in their environment to life.

On the world map concrete connections to contacts and / or ambassadors are represented, which already today form a loose network and in the next years can contribute to germinate shoots of their own. The projects presented here are already a good start. I would like to see it again to make our world

cleaner again, to turn away from the ecstatic environmental destruction and return the people of all countries to the natural right of self-determined life. The present-day profiteers and collectors of money and fortune will once be ashamed of how ruthlessly they have acted, loading millions of plants, animals, and humans onto their conscience, while others, now more far- sighted beings in peace, freedom, and without coercion living a self determined life.

May God, no matter what religion, forgive them and bring them early enough, and for their own good, to insight and repentance.

A castle for Mauritius

Europeans have stolen much of Mauritius over the past few centuries. It’s high time that Europeans once again bring something back to the island. How about culture or the fine arts? Architecture combines both. Let's build a castle for that. Not for a monarch, but a castle for everyone.

Alternative uses

The systematically designed components of units can also be used for other needs with small adjustments to the room profiles. By way of example, up to 500 rehearsal rooms for musicians are missing in all metropolitan areas.