Depending on the person and the need for security, sometimes purchasing property is the only option. But many negative experiences over the last few decades have also discouraged people from making the decision to purchase real estate. Above all, the purchase of detached cottages in green surroundings in a good part of the city have been so expensive by speculation of the participating construction companies, developers, property owners, planners and brokerage that now financial experts see from their point of view the next big real estate bubble is threatening.

When purchasing a, you can accurately estimate the costs for the construction including the entire equipment. You move in and start living. Everything you need is already there, like furniture and all the equipment you might need. Energy fills up by itself. Heating and hot water are generated automatically. The accompanying electric car refuels in the sun. With you live more than climate neutral. You are living CO2 free! 

In Germany a can be financed with the KfW bank with 0. 75% micro interest over 25 years through its Home Ownership Programme. Rents become installments, and installments become property. For a configuration with a PowerRoof, heat pump and batteries, a subsidy is added as a gift. It couldn’t be easier to become a homeowner.

Invest in a healthy planet

The health of the planet affects our all well being at a large scale. Be part of the change into a better future.

See the bigger picture

Live in harmony with nature. And see how much it gives you for free and how much money you safe.

Funny thing about buying a house

Harald Schmidt pointed out in his Late Night Show a long time ago the madness of a home purchase with a lot of humor. A classic for friends of comedy.