Car for free

With the market launch of we want to offer something very special. For the first 100 house purchases, you get a free car which can be used completely freely in the first year. Besides the rent of the battery, which Renault gets separately, there are absolutely no costs. Even the insurance and tax will be covered by the GmbH.

Often having a car is necessary but it is not always eco-friendly. As an early inhabitant of a you do not have to worry about it. In the introductory phase the first 100 houses are equipped with an electric vehicle for free. The GmbH pays the leasing fees for 2 years. Even the “fuel” is free as it comes from the roof or rather the battery of the house. After this time you can decide whether to extend the lease contract, buy the car or just give it back. If you prefer a bigger car than a Twizy you can upgrade to a larger Renault model. You only pay the difference in leasing.

A really smart car


This car has everything you need to get 2 people from A to B. It´s agile, compact, clean, CO2-free, space-saving and cheap. Cross parking allowed.

Fun Car

While it´s practical it's also fun. Especially because it gives you a good conscience and is free of cost.