Renting an house or apartment as we know it is not at all sufficient anymore due to the increasing and almost exploding prices especially in big cities.

With there is a new way of living and renting. You rent via an app that shows the freely available buildings or apartments in a map. It doesn’t matter if you want a short-term or longer-term rent, come for a short holiday, work in a foreign city or just live. One day, one week, one month, one year or even forever. If you are saving on living rights at the same time, the rent will decrease to the proportion you own. If you have more residential rights shares than your needs to live free of rent you get the rental shares from the tenant who rents in the built-in housing rights.

So you can be a tenant or landlord in the global community. Moving is just a matter of a click on your smart phone, packing suitcases and tomorrow already in another area, city or continent. The furniture is already there, including a car. This is the new way of living and freedom.



Condition of rental apartments and houses as it is today

Either the rental properties are in poor locations, neglected and unattractive, or they are unaffordable. is the solution.

You finance the landlord in your life twice the value of the property. What happens when you move out? Nothing! And in addition you are still obliged to renovate the rooms. Yes! is the solution.